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Crafts for the Winter

The winter season is usually off to a jolly start with the excitement of the holiday spirit in the air. However, by February, the excitement wears off as we’re left to deal with the frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall. While being stuck inside can be boring, it’s a great time to work on some at-home…

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Best Restaurants in Port Jefferson, NY

Port Jefferson, New York has a plethora of delicious and highly rated restaurants to choose from. With a wide range of cuisine, you can rest assured that you will find a restaurant that satisfies your cravings! Keep reading to learn more about some of our top picks for restaurants in Port Jefferson, New York.  Mavi…

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Senior Life Insurance

Retiring and growing old usually means more time to enjoy the things you love.  Whether it be spending time with your family, going on vacation more often, or picking up a new hobby, growing old is meant to be a relaxing period in your life. However, worrying about your funeral costs and other final expenses…

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Teachers at Risk of Catching COVID-19

Teachers at risk during COVID-19

Given the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in the United States, it is important to recognize that some professionals are at an increased risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. While essential workers like nurses, doctors, and those working in medicine might come to mind first, another at risk group includes teachers and education professionals. Considering…

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Best Gift Ideas for Seniors

Best Gift Ideas For Seniors

Shopping for a gift for someone special in your life can be an extremely difficult task. But with the holiday season soon approaching, it couldn’t be a more perfect time to start thinking about gift ideas for any seniors in your life. Whether they are your grandparents, parents, or just a friend, it is important…

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Best Secrets to a Happy Retirement

5 Secrets to a Happy Retirement

It seems that everyone looks forward to retirement during their youth. But, when the time actually comes to retire, you might be left wondering what it is you should do to make your retirement as fulfilling as possible. If you are curious about how to ensure that you have a happy and healthy retirement, keep…

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What thanksgiving could look like during COVID-19

Thanksgiving during Covid-19

With the holiday season fast approaching, we are all eager to spend some quality time with our loved ones and enjoy this celebratory time of year. However, just because the holiday season is here, doesn’t mean COVID-19 has magically disappeared. This means that we definitely need to be mindful of exactly how we celebrate and…

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