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Long Island Golfing Guide

Long Island has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the entire world. The problem for you and me is that not every Long Island golf course is public, and we’ll never get a chance to play many of them. Fortunately, there are a ton of Long Island public golf courses that are beautiful,…

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A Guide to Long Island Wineries

Long Island can quench your thirst for an escape to the wine regions of California and France. How? Just take a drive East, nearby The Vistas of Port Jefferson community, and still only a train ride away from New York City. If you’re ready for an intoxicating day of wine tasting and sophistication, here are…

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The Top 7 Friendliest Dog Breeds

Every prospective dog owner wants something different from their pooch. High energy levels, perhaps, or a more laid-back nature to fit in with the couch potatoes among us. Some people want a low-maintenance breed who doesn’t require a lot of grooming and can tolerate being alone, while others are seeking a constant companion.  Whatever other…

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Things to do in Port Jefferson

The seaside village of Port Jefferson is a gem on the North Shore. There is ample to do in the scenic downtown from skating and dining to shopping and theater — and all the attractions are within walking distance from one another. Leave the car in park for a while to spend the perfect day…

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How Older Adults Can Manage Mental Health Post-Covid

The current situation around the coronavirus is worrying for many people and in particular for the elderly who are receiving messages that they find extremely alarming—primarily that they are at enhanced risk from the virus. You’d be forgiven for thinking the virus is a death sentence in older people when it is not. The fear…

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Hugging Your Grandchildren After Your Covid-19 Vaccine

With vaccinations underway, the CDC has released new guidelines for socializing and returning to normal interactions for those vaccinated. You may be wondering if you are able to hug family members once again, specifically if you have grandchildren. The good news, in short, is that you can. These guidelines apply to those fully vaccinated, meaning…

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