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10 Best Pet-Friendly Plants

10 Best Pet-Friendly Plants

If you are a pet owner, you know the struggle of having to keep an eye on your pet and making sure they don’t have anything toxic in their mouths. This task becomes much more challenging when you are a plant owner and a pet owner. This is because many plants can actually be toxic for pets! To ensure that you don’t inadvertently buy any toxic plants that could harm your pet if they got their little paws on it we are here for you. Keep reading for The Vistas top 10 best pet friendly plants.

  1. Spider plant: The spider plant is a super common house plant that is not that hard to grow. In addition, it is harmless even if your pets decide to make it a little snack.
  2. Herbs: If you love cooking, having a small herb garden can do wonders for your dishes. In addition, most herbs are super safe and plant friendly. Herbs make the perfect plant because not only are they beautiful décor, they’re great for cooking!
  3. Rattlesnake plant: This plant is super easy to grow, has a beautiful purple underside, and is 100 percent pet friendly!
  4. Prayer plant: The prayer plant is especially interesting because of its ability to move it’s leaves up and down depending on the time of day. They are known as the prayer plant because of this unique ability. Not to mention how gorgeous their leaves are.
  5. African Violet: This beautiful flowering plant is perfect for your house! They can even bloom without having direct sunlight.
  6. Boston fern: This plant is low maintenance and ferns are known for their ability to grow even in harsh conditions. This means your Boston fern will not suffer from your pets nibbling on it.
  7. Christmas cactus: This is a beautiful plant with pretty flowers. While you should keep the plant out of reach from animals as eating it can cause stomach discomfort, it is not toxic to pets.
  8. Friendship plant: This plant gets its name from its ability to be easily shared and given to friends without causing the plant much harm. Thus, this hearty plant is great for households with destructive pets.
  9. Parlor palm: Palm trees are beautiful and remind us of the tropics and warm weather. This tiny palm tree is a great addition to any household.
  10. Selected Succulents: While some succulents are non-toxic and make perfect plants for households with pets, others can be very toxic. Make sure to do your research!

Now that you know 10 of the best pet friendly plants, good luck on your plant journey!

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